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Content you see on Google News comes from third-party news publishers.

  • Publishers can have their content included in Google News by following guidelines. Review the Google News guidelines.
  • Publishers can choose to remove their content from Google News whenever they like. Learn how publishers remove content.
  • Google might remove publishers' content from Google News on its own. For example, if we learn that the content violates our content policies, or runs afoul of applicable laws. Learn about our content policies.

Story ranking on Google News

On Google News, we strive to present high-quality, trustworthy, news content covering topics of interest to you.

To make Google News as interesting and useful to you as possible, these factors influence layout, listing, and ordering of content on Google News:

  • The popularity, quality, and relevance of the content.
  • Your prior interactions and purchases with Google News and other Google services.

Some publishers could have a contractual agreement with Google to allow licensed use of their article content; this doesn't affect article ranking. Your having a subscription to a paid content provider does raise that publisher's content ranking.

On video-only feeds, results are limited to YouTube-hosted content and the content of licensed publishers. 

Advertisements on Google News

Articles included on Google News sometimes serve advertisements, which are labeled as such. The publishers themselves manage these advertisements. Google could receive a portion of the payment from the advertiser.